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My journey becoming a religious Jew:


I always believed in God and was spiritual, but didn't know much about Judaism or what it means to be Jewish. Towards the end of college, I got very spiritual and studied different religions and paths of spirituality looking for the truth. I found everything was mixed with falsehood. When I graduated with my masters (more info below about that) I decided the only option was to sell everything and live in the jungle meditating forever. I went to Ecuador, and then found a place deep in the jungle in Costa Rica where I thought I would stay forever. I told God I believed that was the best way to fix the world, by not being a part of this society, and had faith He would guide me to do what is best. An interesting story happened that I won't get into now, and I needed to go back to America. I then went on a Birthright trip January 1st 2016 to Israel. On that trip I put on Tefillin and said the Shema the first time here in Tzfat, and started having very deep experiences I am not going to write about here. I saw that kabbalah, Torah, Judaism, is real, the truth, and have been here ever since studying.


How I got into natural healing:

I grew up just like everyone else, eating the typical SAD diet (Standard American Diet), and oh did it make me sad! I was sick almost every month, always tired, and suffered from depression and a disease with "no cause or cure" (as doctors told me) called colitis. The expensive, awful medications doctors gave me had side effects that caused me even more suffering, and eventually they stopped working.

     I wasn't sure what I wanted to do as a career; all I knew was that I wanted to help people. I decided to be a research scientist of criminology. I went to Florida State University which has one of the top programs in this field, and got my Masters of Science of criminology. It was towards the end of this program when the medications stopped working. I had become proficient in conducting research and interpreting empirical research studies. I met someone who told me that they had cured their colitis, and helped others do so as well. He told me it was all about diet; avoiding chemicals and certain foods. I was reluctant to try it at first, I didn't want to give up foods that I liked or the lifestyle I had. We became friends, and he bugged me for a month until I gave it a try. I bought organic food, avoided certain foods, and cooked from scratch for a few days. For the first time in my life I saw improvements of my symptoms. This told me there was truth to all of this, and I began to use my research skills to research natural medicine.  Over the next 6 months I slowly became vegetarian, and then learned about raw foods. I thoroughly studied what the human body needs to repair itself and be healthy and happy, and make it delicious, satisfying, and enjoyable! I cured my "incurable" diseases, along with the rest of my mental and physical health issues. I still had to be strict with my diet or the symptoms would come back. After studying the kabbalah and performing the rectifications of the kabbalah to fix the damage caused by breaking the laws of the Creator, I found I felt even better and I have been able to eat any type of food without the symptoms returning. This proved to me that being Jewish and not keeping Torah was was the true root cause of my suffering, as we learn in the kabbalah.

     Now, a few years later, I have worked with hundreds of people online around the world and sent my guide to health and happiness to them, and have had success in guiding many to treat their health issues themselves completely naturally. It is my goal to spread this information to as many people as possible, and hopefully one day the whole world can end its needless suffering by learning and living the truth.


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