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Guide to Health and Happiness

Learn from Yonatan, health/lifestyle coach, nutritionist, raw food/detoxification specialist, herbalist/holistic healer about...

  • The root causes of health issues and how to fix them

  • How to have an organic/natural lifestyle 

    • Includes recipes to make homemade toothpaste, deodorant, general purpose cleaning fluid, and cologne/perfume

  • Proper food combining 

  • What supplements to get

  • What herbal medicines to get, allowing you to treat everything naturally, from the common cold to much more serious diseases

  • The truth about vitamin b12 and how we should get it

  • The truth about protein and how we should get it

  • How to fix the gut ​

    • Includes full fermentation guide​ to make delicious, probiotic rich foods such as sauerkraut 

  • The truth about water. The best sources and the proper way to consume it

  • Important lifestyle changes, including guides for:

    • ​Exercise​

    • Sleep

    • Meditation

    • Proper sun exposure

  • A full guide for how to properly fast and detoxify your body

  • Recipes and tips for making delicious, nutritious, satisfying raw vegan food!

Guide to Health and Happiness

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