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Natural Healing Guide

to Health and Happiness

Learn from Yonatan, health/lifestyle coach, nutritionist, raw food/detoxification specialist, herbalist/holistic healer about...

  • The root causes of health issues and how to fix them

  • How to have an organic/natural lifestyle 

    • Includes recipes to make homemade toothpaste, deodorant, general purpose cleaning fluid, and cologne/perfume

  • Proper food combining 

  • What supplements to get

  • What herbal medicines to get, allowing you to treat everything naturally, from the common cold to much more serious diseases

  • The truth about vitamin b12 and how we should get it

  • The truth about protein and how we should get it

  • How to fix the gut

    • Includes full fermentation guide​ to make delicious, probiotic rich foods such as sauerkraut 

  • The truth about water. The best sources and the proper way to consume it

  • Important lifestyle changes, including guides for:

    • ​Exercise​

    • Sleep

    • Meditation

    • Proper sun exposure

  • A full guide for how to properly fast and detoxify your body

  • Recipes and tips for making delicious, nutritious, satisfying raw vegan food!

Phone Session

​Ask me questions and receive advice on lifestyle changes, diet changes, herbal/holistic healing, etc. I will write you a personal guide based on your individual goals or health issues upon request.

I also teach spirituality based on the teachings of Kabbalah, a way that can solve many personal issues in our lives and global issues. We need to heal our souls too! I give private classes on this and meditation, let me know if you are interested.

Schedule a private class or a health consultation!

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Support me on my mission to spread the truth and heal the world.

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Randy S.

Yonathan helped me with my lifestyle change which included diet and detox.  He is a gifted healer who has helped me and many of the people in my community.  I reccommend his services to you!

Louie Levey​

Yonathan and I met by chance when we went on the birthright trip. His passion for healing people is only matched by the compassion he possesses for this planet and all walks of life that inhabit it. While talking, he told me that by eliminating meat and animal products from my diet, I'd cure my hereditary gout flare ups. I've managed to change my diet significantly as a result and since then, I've yet to have a gout flare up. Thank you Yonathan and I hope you continue to heal people with the truth!

Chana P.

Yonatan helped me with the raw foods diet and really knows quality information and how to give it over so it is easy to make a change. I recommend him- he is the real deal!

 Author SunflowerJ (Shondra)

I met Jon in my Kung Fu class. I was happy to have a brother into everything I was into. He played guitar and I was learning. Through talking to him, I found out that he knows a lot about natural healing. If he didn't know something, he'd research and give me an answer later. He is very well versed in the healing department. I highly recommend him.

Victor Shoostine
I lost 30 pounds in just under 2 months following Jon's guide and haven't gotten sick since! Whenever my family or friends are under the weather I tell them to consult Jon before going to the doctor. I'm more energized and feel like a teenager again! Thanks so much for everything and keep healing with truth!!

Yisrael New

(Picture taken the moment he first tired Yonatan's raw food).

Yonatan is a walking talking encyclopedia on the truth of the cause and affect of what we consume. I am not yet ready to make big changes in my diet but when I did eat a meal made by Yonatan i felt more satisfied and healthy than I ever have from food.

Kelvin Cush

As my health was getting worst by the day, I finally said to myself something had to be done. So that's when I messaged Jon and he helped me so much to get back to feeling full of energy. This new lifestyle didn't just benefit me, it also benefited my wife she also took part as she wasn't feeling her best either.Just by simply changing our diet, we were able to change our life for the better, in a matter of 2 weeks we could already see the difference.

Ari Kane

I was fortunate enough to meet Jon in the magical city of Uman and he helped me take a couple new natural medicines to get my diabetes more under control. Thank you brother.


 Jon is very thoughtful and helpful. His consciousness is to help uplift others and the planet. He has a true divine heart for loving his fellow man and offering his support in a very knowledgeable and informative way. He changed my life and showed me support as a true brother from the same cosmic family. Jon lives by his word and sets a great example to respresent to true benefits of living in harmony with nature. He is a brilliant man of service and brOtherly Love. I'm so thankful for the knowledge he shared with me, he changed my life for the better. When I was confused and need direction he was there without any hesitation. I will forever be greatful for his influence in my life. I know he will continue to positivity affect our world with blessings of much needed beautiful changes and he offers guidance along the way. I feel secure in his abilities to successfully help others in big ways as he did for me! I am thankful I received his help on my journey and wish I would have reached out to him sooner. He is a truth seeker and sharer! I am a healthier woman because of his help!

Brian Polonsky

Jon is the definition of a "healer." In a world that looks for quick fixes and artificial approaches, it is not only refreshing, but can be life saving to work with someone that approaches the mind body and soul. His extensive academic background in the sciences, combined with his endless knowledge of hollistic remedies and healthy spiritual component make him a must see. You will not only see a big smile, and feel a big heart when you meet him, but a glow that only emanates from someone living that truth. Almost everyone says their health is one of their top priorities, yet how much time, money, and resources are we really putting into it? Stop the doctor bills, therapist bills, pain, and discomfort!! Reach out for the truth!

Menachem Michael Lexier
You have helped me in many many ways it's hard to even count! I can honestly say, I am having a healthier and most importantly a happier life 100%!! I'm really glad I met you!!

Lisa M.

When I met Jon I had multiple issues doctors said I couldn't cure, only suppress with expensive medications with terrible side effects. Within a few months of taking the herbs and supplements Jon recommended plus changing my diet I was free of all my issues and off all my medications. I lost weight and stopped getting sick. And ladies, I even was relieved of my uncomfortable symptoms from my monthly cycleI. I highly recommend his services!

Trent Terry
Jon, Mentor, and more importantly friend of mine has guided me through a transition that has changed my life in countless ways. Opening your eyes to the knowledge far beyond what society accepts as medicine was easy through Jons guidance. The results through Jons program were as follows Glowing, ACNE FREE skin Positive Outlook/ Happiness Love for one self / Confidence Knowledge of medicinal properties that nature provides Thank you Jon for all that you have done for me. Exceeded my expectations and changing my outlook are just a few examples of your program. Thank you!

Avner Maman

Have to say. Had the worst eye tire shocks and pain in my back. Jon gave me the turmeric root for 2 weeks. Pain is almost gone, thumbs up Jon.

Jeff Weisburg
I had the opportunity to meet Yonatan at UZI ELI natural juice guy in the Jerusalem Shuk-Mahane Yehuda. All I can say is WOW. Yonatan is a wealth of knowledge. His handle on natural medicine and proper diet is endless. What is most unique about Yonatan is his genuine interest in all who speak with him. He has called me to check in several times to see where i'm holding and without even asking, he offered me invaluable advice. Yonatan is one of a kind

Ari Seraf

Yonatan gave me a lot of advice and counsel that helped in me in making the decision to stop eating meat, Yonatan was a big help when I was transitioning to becoming a Vegetarian on weekdays, and even though I may eat fish on occasion I eventually want to wing off it. Yonatan has also helped me when I was sick by introducing natural medicine to me. I now use natural medicines instead of over the counter drugs. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIS SERVICES.

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